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a unique experience
that will mark your life



We created Rituaali with the goal of offering our guests a longer, healthier life, by caring for their bodies, minds, and spirits holistically.

Through comprehensive body, mind and spiritWith Lifestyle Medicine and Behavioral Medicine as our pillars, we take you on an experience capable of bringing out a new "me".

What is Rituaali?

Beyond the classic definitions, Rituaali, for over eight years, has been offering a health experience unlike anything that has ever been tested.

Watch the video and understand


Each program is designed to help you unlock your full potential and live a unique experience of well-being, vitality and inner peace.



Our main program. Perfect for you who want to detox, give a reset in the body and improve your overall health!


It represents the perfect break to renew your energy, de-stress and experience deep relaxation!


Discover exclusive and temporary offers to enjoy unique and transformative moments. Take advantage of the offer and elevate your wellness experience.


Our entire structure is prepared for your renovation.

Embedded in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest with more than 155 thousand m² of tree and plant.


Our entire structure is prepared for your renovation.

Suites designed to help you sleep better, slow down your mind, and promote wellbeing.

What are the clients saying?


Rituaali is located in Penedo, just a few hours' drive from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Surrounded by the Itatiaia National Park, amidst exuberant nature, fresh air, and mountain silence.