Discover the power of healthy eating without giving up the pleasure of eating

Transform your health with tasty recipes created by experts

Revolutionize mind, body and spirit in a first-world environment

Get Ready For One
Gastronomic Experience
That Will Transform Your
Relationship with food!

Since 2016, Gastronomy Week has inspired our guests to immerse themselves in an epic experience linked to the art of healthy eating.

In this issue, we'll accompany you on a new journey, where you'll have access to everything you need to revolutionize your eating routine.

You will learn incredible recipes and absorb unique knowledge that will take your health to the next level.

(In addition to experiencing an individual wellness program in a first-world environment with 5-star hospitality!)

Penedo, Itatiaia

A 2-hour drive from Rio
A 3-hour drive from São Paulo

Why stay at Rituaali
during the gastronomic week?

You'll learn about the true power of vital nutrition and discover how to transform your taste buds and your body;

You'll have access to healthy, delicious and practical plant-based recipes created by leading experts in the field;

You'll discover how to follow a healthier diet on a daily basis to promote greater health and well-being for you and your family;

You'll be amazed by the preparation and presentation of the dishes and you'll see how it's possible to be healthier without giving up the pleasure of eating;

Who is
gastronomic week?

For people in search of renewal, whether for aesthetic or functional health purposes;

For people seeking medical care, suffering from overweight or facing health challenges;

For those who want to relax and de-stress and are looking for a unique place with unbeatable differentials;

For lovers and enthusiasts of healthy eating, whether vegan, vegetarian or of any other philosophy;

For chefs, health professionals and other professionals looking for specialized knowledge about gastronomy.

Here's what you'll get participating in the gastronomic week

Knowledge forums on the purpose of the Rituaali diet and the benefits of a vital diet;

Panel on functional foods and lifestyle medicine in practice;

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Conversation circles with our therapists promoting emotional and spiritual care;

Complete and targeted exercise program;

Relaxing massage, deep tissue or lymphatic drainage;

Hydrotherapy - Therapeutic treatments tailored to the needs of each guest;

Nutritional Consultation, Psychotherapy and Personalized Medical Consultation.

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About Rituaali

"Brazil's leading specialist in Lifestyle Medicine"

Beyond the classic definitions, for more than six years Rituaali has been offering a health experience unlike anything ever tested in Brazil.

Our entire structure is prepared for your renovation. Surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, our area has more than 155,000 m² of diverse trees and plants.

Rituaali is not just a luxury spa. It's a well-orchestrated life change center, involving a clinic and spa in a 5-star hotel environment.

Words from those who have already had their health transformed by Rituaali

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