Logotherapy expert reveals the secrets to a life full of purpose, joy and freedom

Get ready for an epic 7-day immersion towards self-knowledge and fulfillment

From August 13 to 20at Rituaali, with the renowned Dr. Alberto Nery.

What if you had a powerful key that could unlock your full potential and lead you to a more extraordinary life?

This is what Logotherapy can deliver to you!

This internationally recognized psychotherapeutic approach is based on the premise that the main motivational force is finding meaning in life.

From this sense of meaning, everything changes!
In other words, Logotherapy can help you awaken the awareness of having a mission to fulfill in life and find meaning in what you do.

With this, you will know how to turn thoughts into concrete actions and how to claim your personal right to live a life full of challenges, joy and freedom.

Against this background, we present to you...

Immersion In Search of Meaning

An unprecedented and exclusive event, from August 13 to 20, with the renowned Dr. Alberto Nery. During seven immersive days at Rituaali, you will explore the depths of your essence, overcome emotional challenges and unlock the secrets to a meaningful life.

Overcoming identity crises and the search for a greater purpose in life.

Dealing with feelings of emptiness and meaninglessness that may be taking away your sleep today.

Know how to reduce stress and anxiety caused by daily pressure.

Overcoming difficulties in interpersonal relationships and lack of authentic connection.

Eliminate the professional dissatisfaction and lack of motivation that may be plaguing you.

Lead better through trauma and adversity that can block your full potential.

Alberto Nery holds a PhD in Psychology from the Institute of Psychology of the University of São Paulo and is the creator of IP Logo - Institute of Psychology and Logotherapy.

Nery argues that life always has a meaningBy finding this meaning, people also find resources to maintain a more balanced, healthy and happy life.

In the Search for Meaning Immersion, Dr. Alberto will guide you through an epic journey that will unlock your full potential and lead you to a more extraordinary life!

IMPORTANT: By staying during the Immersion in Search of Meaning, you will be entitled to all the benefits of the Rituaali programs, with the differential of being able to participate in Dr. Alberto Nery's lectures and workshops during your stay.

5-star accommodation;

3 full meals a day;

Monitored physical activities;

Consultation with multidisciplinary medical team;

Relaxing and therapeutic treatments at the SPA;

And much more.