Welcome to Rituaali,

a health and wellness clinic with the comfort of a five-star hotel

See how you can experience a unique experience of renewal with a focus on the health of body, mind and spirit.


a place where you can experience all the power of nature in stunning accommodation.

a paradisiacal place capable of awakening your peace interior in the midst of luxury and comfort.

a place that allows you to savor vital haute cuisine through delicious dishes prepared by an experienced chef.

This place exists and it's called Rituaali!

exists and
is called Rituaali!

A place that combines the expertise of a clinic, without being a clinic; the luxury and elegance of a hotel, without following traditional hotel standards; the infrastructure of a beauty and fitness center, without limiting itself to weight and external beauty.


Created under the philosophy of Lifestyle Medicine and Behavioral MedicineRituaali has developed more than 30 natural treatments that use the power of water, earth, medicinal plants, temperature and massages.


Everything carefully designed to give you an experience unique and truly transformative.

Customized programs with
based on your needs

+Health Program


+Health Program


Rituaali's main program, +Health is based on the Eight Natural Remedies, of Lifestyle Medicine and Behavioral Medicine. In it, you will be led through a complete cycle of health transformation, receiving our care and being able to absorb healthier habits.

5-star hotel accommodation in luxurious and cozy apartments or chalets;

A from R$ 13,500 - per guest

+Wellness Program

4-6 nights

+Wellness Program

4-6 nights

In this program, our accommodation structure, movement, nutrition and spa programsOur guests feel a sense of peace and tranquillity, reconnecting them to nature and their purpose.

It represents the perfect break to renew your energy, de-stress and experience deep relaxation!

From R$ 7,900 - per guest



Anti-insomnia protocol Ideal for those who suffer from insomnia and/or other related problems!


Designed for those seeking relief from anxiety and stress!

Weight Control and Weight Loss

In this protocol, we take a holistic approach to help you achieve a healthy and sustainable weight!


For people with orthopedic complaints or people who do regular physical activity and want to improve their performance!


If you're committed to overcoming smoking, this is the one for you!

Rituaali protocols are designed for those who want to achieve specific goals, such as reducing weight, improving sleep, fighting anxiety, etc. By contracting a protocol, in addition to the complete Rituaali experience, you can boost your results and also enjoy exclusive discounts and special conditions.


We are located in Penedo, RJ, at the foot of the Serra da Mantiqueira, surrounded by nature and the pure air of the mountains.

3.5 hours from São Paulo and 2.5 hours from Rio de Janeiro.

Choose the best way to get to Rituaali

Helipad for private flights


Galeão (GIG)

168 km

Santos do Dumont (SDU)

177 km

Congonhas (CGH)

279 km

Guarulhos (GRU)

263 km

Bus from Resende bus station

11.8 km



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Rituaali focuses on your health and a lifestyle based on good choices. Here you will feel comfortable, light and aware of your potential. Our rates are dynamic, so there are variations depending on the month and the accommodation chosen.

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Penedo – Itatiaia – RJ


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