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For the greater care and safety of our guests, we offer a clinic with a complete structure for medical evaluations, and consultations. We also offer a clinic to perform bioimpedance tests.

Our clinical staff is available 24 hours a day to meet any need.


We perform:
Bioimpedance - Blood test - Pressure measurement - Strength measurement - Mobility measurement

At Rituaali, we have state-of-the-art equipment to perform a complete and quality health check-up.

Nursing consultations

We have a nursing staff available 24 hours a day, prepared to attend and assist guests during the program.

Medical consultations

We have a multidisciplinary and highly competent clinical staff to help guests prevent and reverse chronic diseases through healthy habits.

Our program includes medical consultation based on Lifestyle Medicine, with focus on diet, exercise, and sleep.


We stimulate the guests' emotions, thoughts, and sociability through individual and group therapies.

We also offer consultations, lectures, and workshops.

Behavioral Medicine

The way we interpret our experiences acts directly on our mental and physical health.

Through consultations with psychotherapists, group therapy, workshops, and relaxation classes, we help the guest to recognize his emotions and thoughts in an assertive way.


In order to provide harmony between the body and the emotions, the spa brings, to every day, an invigorating experience for guests. 

The space has a swimming pool heated Jacuzzi, saunas and more than 15 rooms for hydrotherapy treatments, phytotherapy, massage therapy, geotherapy and aromatherapy - indicated according to need of the guest by the guidance of the clinical team.


Rituaali has a huge range of massages available, including modeling, relaxing, therapeutic, and lymphatic drainage.

They are indicated according to the needs of each guest.

Natural Therapies

We believe in the power of nature to benefit health and bring quality of life and well being to our guests.

Rituaali is a pioneer and a reference in several natural therapies.

Water Therapies

Hydrotherapies promote deep relaxation, improved circulation, oxygenation, and muscle strengthening:

Detox Bath, Immersion Bath, Vichy Shower, Scottish Shower, Hydrotherapy, Footbath, Watsu...

Phytotherapy and Geotherapy

With stems, leaves, and essential oils we enhance massages, baths, footbaths, exfoliations, and other therapies.

With clay, coal, and dolomite added to water, we prepare moisturizing masks and poultices for pain relief.


With mouth-watering dishes, Rituaali's cuisine offers guests a unique experience.

Our diet is based on vegetables, fruit, whole grains and nuts, with no animal protein. Low in refined carbohydrates and bad fats, without the use of any stimulants or toxic elements, rich in fiber and nutrients, this proposal seeks to offer delicious menus in the most natural way possible.

Vital Cuisine

Natural, vegetarian food, full of colors, flavors, textures, and aromas. Our gastronomy offers much more health to our guests.

Artisan Breads

Our breads and products are completely handmade with selected ingredients and a lot of flavor. They come straight from our bakery to your table and make your dining experience even more unforgettable.

Strictly vegetarian diet

Our meals are made with high quality food of vegetable origin, without the use of stimulants (coffee, black teas, etc.) and toxic components (alcoholic beverages). In this way the detoxification of the organism is promoted.

These are dishes that help to balance weight and body composition, increase physical and mental disposition, and improve immunity.

Mealtime is done with care and dedication, in a comfortable and cozy environment.

The power of juices

Rituaali's vital juices offer a rest for the digestive system and the brain, renew the taste buds and provide concentrated nutrients. They are made with natural ingredients and vegetables capable of providing the body with all the necessary vitamins, fiber and minerals.

Rituaali's organic garden

Most of the vegetables and herbs used in our Vital Cuisine are produced in our organic garden, without the use of toxic elements. They are harvested when the meals are prepared and are always fresh, tasty and much healthier.


We seek to guide physical activity in the appropriate measure, respecting individuality and limits.

Our exercises, always prescribed by professionals, seek not only conditioning, but the building of strength, mobility, posture, and the regulation of metabolic processes in the body.

Dancing lessons

Group classes led by one of our physical educators. During the program, classes with various types of music and dances are held.

Modern Gym

State-of-the-art gym, with cutting-edge equipment and qualified professionals to guide you.

In addition to the gym, in our fitness complex, guests can take advantage of gymnastics rooms spinning, mobility room, and trampoline room.

Tennis Court

At Rituaali, the guest can play tennis on a clay court in the middle of nature.

We have a ball boy for those who already play, and we offer lessons for those who want to learn.

Sports area

At Rituaali guests can enjoy a sports area with tennis, beach tennis and pickle-ball courts, a semi-Olympic swimming pool and a walking circuit. We also have a beautiful golf putting green.

Swimming Pools

In addition to the pools in the spa area, guests who practice swimming can swim in the 25-meter semi-Olympic pool in the Rituaali's sports area.

Aqua aerobics

Several guided classes and activities are held in the pools. These exercises are great for muscle strengthening with low impact.

Global Posture Reeducation

Indicated for the treatment of pain, back problems, and joint injuries.


It restores agility and balance, relieves pain, and restores joint function. Includes physical therapy in several modalities, devices, manual techniques, GPR, and pilates.

Rituaali Emporium

At the Rituaali Emporium guests can find original Rituaali products, such as our bread, granola, cookies, and several other products with our quality seal.

All the products we offer at the emporium are evaluated by our doctors and nutritionists to guarantee the quality you deserve.