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All our programs are designed to not only help you reach your goal at Rituaali, but above all to give you the tools you need to maintain the healthy habits you learn at Rituaali at home.

Here we take care of 3 areas of your life:

Body, Mind and Spirit


Care focused on biorhythms, healthy eating, physical activity, natural therapies, breathing, and sleep.


We stimulate our guests' emotions, thoughts, and social skills through consultations, lectures, and group therapies.


We work on spiritual health through moments of reflection, discussion groups, and spirituality workshops.

Choose the right program for you

By deciding to become a guest at Rituaali today, you can choose between two main programs and add extra protocols that will make your journey even more incredible!



Our main program. Perfect for you who want to detox, give a reset in the body and improve your overall health!


It represents the perfect break to renew your energy, de-stress and experience deep relaxation!

If it makes sense to you, you can add extra protocols to the program +Healthaccording to your specific objectives. This will boost your results and make your journey even more incredible!

Discover our extra protocols:

Serenity Protocol

Anti-insomnia protocol

Anti-smoking protocol

Movement Protocol

Weight control protocol

Rituaali's Goal

Rituaali is a place of wellness - caring for body, mind, and spirit.

Through the incessant desire to share the good and improve people's lives, we work so that each guest can achieve a healthy, balanced, long-lived, and happy life.


Inspire people to have new meaning in life.