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Anti-smoking protocol


7 nights minimum


Designed for those who want to overcome smoking!

If you are committed to overcoming smoking, our specialized protocol can help you on your journey!

We use scientifically-backed methods to help reduce the cravings, physical dependence and triggers associated with smoking. 

With comprehensive support and a supportive environment, we are here to empower you to achieve freedom from smoking and embark on a healthier lifestyle.

What is included in this protocol:


  • 2 Psychology consultations;
  • 1 Counseling appointment;
  • 10 Functional juices/shakes;
  • 1 Therapeutic treatments: Wrapping with hops;
  • 1 Therapeutic treatment: Detox body mask;
  • 2 Therapeutic treatments: Chest fomentation;
  • 1 Massage: Lymphatic drainage with detox blend;
  • 5 Mix of soothing and sedative teas.
  • Ginger and apple chips.

Live this unique experience of transformation, which will mark your life forever!

Program Methodology