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7 nights minimum


Perfect for those who want to detox, reset their bodies and improve their overall health!

In this program, based on the Eight Natural Remediesat Lifestyle Medicine e Behavioral MedicineYou will be taken on a journey of health transformation, receiving our care and absorbing healthier habits. 

Perfect for those who want to detox, reset their bodies and improve their overall health!

In this program, you will have access to a dedicated multidisciplinary medical team to help you resolve health issues and achieve related goals.

Why is this program planned to last at least 7 nights?

The Rituaali's programs were developed to obey the biological rhythms and facilitate the balance of the body functions. This restoration process takes time and is not completed in a few days.

The guest at Rituaali, experiences a detoxification process for the first 48h to 72h, followed by restoration of body balance, and ends the week with a special rest day. Completing this cycle is critical for best results.

Furthermore, science reveals that changing habits requires time and repetition, i.e., it takes several days of practicing new lifestyle habits for them to become incorporated into the routine.

Extra protocols

If it makes sense to you, you can add extra protocols to the program +Healthaccording to your specific objectives. This will boost your results and make your journey even more incredible!

Discover our extra protocols:

Serenity Protocol

Movement Protocol

Weight control protocol

Anti-smoking protocol

Anti-insomnia protocol

Live this unique experience of transformation, which will mark your life forever!

Program Methodology

Psychological care

Qualified psychologists find the causes of anxiety and stress and outline the best strategies to combat them.

Behavioral Nutrition

Doctors, nutritionists, and psychologists work together to find the reasons behind poor eating habits.

Physical Exercises

Outdoor and gym activities that provide well-being, increase self-esteem, build strength and mobility, and regulate metabolic processes.

Lectures and workshops

Experts answer all your questions about stress, anxiety, biorhythms, gastronomy, nutrition, and how our bodies function.

Reflection in groups and individually

Conversation rounds and debates to discuss themes about mental, physical, and spiritual health, memories, reflections, and experiences.

Vital food

Nutritionists make the menu with foods that increase well-being, improve mood, inflammation, and mood, and control weight and body composition.

Spa Therapies

Therapeutic massages, immersion baths, showers, foot baths, contrast baths, lymphatic drainage, clay masks, and other natural treatments to relax the body and mind.