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4 to 6 nights


It represents the perfect break to renew your energy, de-stress and experience deep relaxation!

In this program, our accommodation structure, movement programs, food and spa provide our guests with a sense of peace and tranquillity, reconnecting them to nature and their purpose. 

It represents the perfect break to renew your energy, de-stress and experience deep relaxation!

Recommended for those who only have a few days available. If you have more nights available, we recommend our main program: +Health.

In this program, you will have a Dedicated Health CoachA supportive mentor and well-being authority will accompany you during your stay. In addition to multidisciplinary support from health professionals, 24-hour nursing, therapists and counselors.

With 2 therapeutic treatments and 1 long massage Included in the program, you'll be able to take advantage of the spa services we offer. Rituaali is a benchmark and pioneer in various natural treatments.

You can also take part in special workshops and lectures to learn how to create and maintain healthy habits that will give you health and longevity.

Live this unique experience of transformation, which will mark your life forever!

Program Methodology

Physical Exercises

Outdoor and gym activities that provide well-being, increase self-esteem, build strength and mobility, and regulate metabolic processes.

Lectures and workshops

Experts answer all your questions about stress, anxiety, biorhythms, gastronomy, nutrition, and how our bodies function.

Reflection in groups and individually

Conversation rounds and debates to discuss themes about mental, physical, and spiritual health, memories, reflections, and experiences.

Vital food

Nutritionists make the menu with foods that increase well-being, improve mood, inflammation, and mood, and control weight and body composition.

Spa Therapies

Therapeutic massages, immersion baths, showers, foot baths, contrast baths, lymphatic drainage, clay masks, and other natural treatments to relax the body and mind.